Plastic Free world challenge

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December 2016, I have designed a game to clean trash with groups in a fun and exciting way. I couldn't ignore the situation in the world any longer and decided to do something about it. As I was in Bali that time and saw trash all around, it felt like a good subject to start with. After that we started trashdating and now more and more people stand up and want to do something about the plastic problem. It is an amazing experience to see how just doing something, now has lead to more in depth and exciting stuff, like making little video's, having meetups with interesting people, gaining knowledge, keeping record of the brands we find and being in touch with bigger organisations. It has led to actually making a difference by just doing something and getting together with other passionate people adding THEIR passionate ideas.

We believe everybody can make a positive change in their life and in the world. Come experience yourselve and send me an email to get in touch and share your ideas. For more information about the plastic challenge, check our facebookpage and for more trashdate pictures, check  instagram

Trash date Video:

Trash date in Haarlem