The 11th Principle: Leaving a Green Trace


At Burningman festival I experienced the Leaving no Trace principle with over 50.000 participants.

It made me wonder.

What if we start "leaving" a trace at festivals?

 a Green Trace.



Is your festival next?


Hemeltjelief festival 25-05-2017

In cooperation with the 'Hemeltjelief' Festival and the City of Amsterdam, Green Co-Creaties, together with the mainly youthful visitors of the festival, has provided 50 plant bins with shrub crops. This is under the theme 'The house of the birds'. In this concrete environment, the birds lacks natural greenery and space to scramble through sand and scrub for his food.


Living Village festival 21-05-2017


Leaving a Green Trace

Everywhere we go we leave a trace.
A trace of waste.
or a trace of joy.
Here at living village we leave a green trace.

The tree we plant here will be accompanied by the traces of waste and joy which embody the spirit of the festival.


Banana peels from the monkies at monkeytown where everbody could find there inner monkey again.
The sacred cocoa from the cocoa ceremonie from temple grounds.
Ashes from the fire of the blacksmith where you could forge your own knif or fork.
Leaves from the magic forest where the spirits live and trees could be climbed.
Coffee ground from the sacred circle where everybody relaxed at the river with a chai or coffee.
Earth from the dance floors where the people danced all weekend long.

Let us plant the tree here at living village and lets celebrate the green trace we leave behind.



Healing Garden festival 14-05-2017

At Healing Garden festival the tree planting ritual was part of the closing ceremony.




Beltane festival 30-04-2017

Beltane is 1 van de eerste waarbij we een groen spoor hebben achtergelaten die het terrein van Ruigoord voorziet van meer groen voor mens en dier in samenwerking met Het Vindingrijk.
Groene Co-Creaties heeft als doel om met elkaar de wereld al feestend groener en diverser te maken.
Het Vindingrijk is een makerscollectief van bevinders dat het nieuwe gelijknamige dorpshuis van Ruigoord gaat betrekken.
Samen met Het Vindingrijk zijn tijdens het Beltane festival een aantal fruitbomen geplant.