• Leave a Green trace

    Leave a Green trace

    Lets leave a Green trace while we party

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  • Plastic free world challenge

    Plastic free world challenge

    Are you ready to be the change you wish to see?

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  • 2017 Happiness Games

    2017 Happiness Games

    Do you also join the games?

  • Amsterdam Quinoa Project

    Amsterdam Quinoa Project

    Growing Quinoa in amsterdam? is that possible? yes it is

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  • Willow planting 2014

    Willow planting 2014

    Planting willows with random selected visitors at magneetfestival

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  • Sunflower maze 2015

    Sunflower maze 2015

    Blog about the first Sunflower maze in Amsterdam

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  • Sunflower maze 2016

    Sunflower maze 2016

    Sunflower Maze in Amsterdam

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Mission of Green Co-Creations:


For a greener and cleaner world with a lot of fun.


We restore, preserve and clean our environment through events where people can meet while having a good time.